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Weird, Wriggly, Wonderful

We had an excellent time helping out with ‘a Week of Wonderful things’ at St Mary’s school, Rawtenstall in August. The event was well attended with the kids all enjoying and hopefully being inspired by nature. Our own Andy Hardman managed to captivate his young audience with a talk about the mysterious comings and goings of badgers and how they fit into the world at large.  

Badger Cull Petitions – Lancashire

Operation Badger (link here to find your own council petitions) is a fantastic initiative set up to bring about debates surrounding the badger cull at local authority level through the power of petitions. The aim is to ban badger culling on council land and encourage investment in vaccination across as much of the country as possible.

Badger Rescue Amazon Wishlist

This year we bought two more rescue cages and handling equipment to go with the two we already have. That means that if needed, we can get to an injured badger faster! To go with the cages and handling equipment we need some extra items to help with each rescue, just in case! We need some of the following things; A pair of pliers – to rescue snared badgers. Cleansing wipes, hand sanitiser, gloves and first aid kits for volunteers. A water bowl. A hot water bottle  to keep a shocked animal warm. A warning triangle in case of an RTA A torch – because a rescue in the dark can be difficult! We’ve created an Amazon ...

Minutes of the Natural England Board Teleconference on Gloucestershire Cull Extension

OCTOBER 23, 2013 1. Chair thanked everyone for joining the teleconference which had been convened at Board members’ request to consider the latest developments in relation to the badger cull. The Chair confirmed that a letter had been received from the Badger Trust on 18 October 2013. The Chair reminded the Board that it should not to be influenced by any external pressures. He also reported that he had not met the Secretary of State to discuss recent developments on the cull. The Chair confirmed that there was a decision to be taken today on whether the Board was content for the delegation of the licensing decision to grant a licence to ...

Communities Against the Cull – Sunday 29th September!

11AM LIVERPOOL ROAD MANCHESTER There will be a peaceful rally and march against the badger cull at the Conservative party conference on Sunday 29th September. We will be attending, as will Dom Dyer (Care for The Wild), Animal Rights UK, Animal Aid (and their Badger Cull Battle Bus). Dom Dyer will speak on the day (if you can help with a portable PA system please contact us asap). Bus Details We have booked a coach to the March picking up from Lancaster, Preston and Blackburn - cost £6. We are subsidising it but we NEED at least 20 bookings in order to run it. For more details and to book your seat go to lbg299.eventbrite.co.uk Meeting ...