A Letter From a Badger

Dear Neighbour There seems to be a lot of tension between us recently, so I thought that I would take the time to write to you, and set a few things straight. more
24 Feb

Badger Trust's new CEO is leading anti-cull spokesman

Badger Trust Chairman David Williams said: “The Badger Trust has the knowledge, experience and support to ensure that badgers will always have a voice. ... more
24 Feb

Weird, Wriggly, Wonderful

We had an excellent time helping out with ‘a Week of Wonderful things’ at St Mary’s school, Rawtenstall in August. The event was well attended with the ... more
19 Feb

Operation Badger - Lancashire Petitions

Lancashire Badger Group have, however decided not to set up any local petitions at this stage for the following reasons; Lancashire is not a bTb hotspot and ... more
6 Dec

Badger Rescue Amazon Wishlist

This year we bought two more rescue cages and handling equipment to go with the two we already have. That means that if needed, we can get to an injured badger ... more

Minutes of the Natural England Board Teleconference on Gloucestershire Cull Extension

OCTOBER 23, 2013 1. Chair thanked everyone for joining the teleconference which had been convened at Board members’ request to consider the latest ... more