The Rehabilitator’s and Badger Enthusiast’s Handbook

coverlow-resLancashire Badger Group is delighted to announce our collaboration with a long term, experienced member of the Group – Andy Parr – to create a new handbook.


Badger cubs are frequently admitted to rescue centres throughout the UK (mainland) as ‘orphans’.

Whilst working as a Wildlife Release Manager at one of the UK’s largest and most respected badger rehabilitation facilities; Secret World in Somerset, Andy recognised that there were gaps in our understanding of how and why badger cubs come to be admitted into rescue and rehabilitation centres and subsequently into long term rehabilitation.

His research suggests that around 50-60% of badger cubs may not be true orphans and therefore in many of these cases it may be appropriate and preferable to attempt to return these cubs to their natal sett.

Over a 5-year period Andy explored different techniques in returning badger cubs of all ages, some of which may also be considered appropriate for other species.

In the book, Andy describes how in these cases, with the appropriate support and consideration, cubs can successfully be returned to the natal sett.  Using detailed case studies and providing key points and methods to consider in each example, Andy has produced a unique reference tool for badger groups, and wildlife rescue centres alike.

The handbook will be available in our online shop from 5th November, at a cost of £9.99. All profits from the book will go to Lancashire Badger Group.

Look out for Andy at our AGM in March when he will be speaking about his research on this subject!


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  • mark reader
    October 29, 2016 (12:30 pm)

    This is a great idea I look forward to having one,thanks for making it happen.