Badger Lawn Damage

Lawn damage often occurs in the Autumn and may be quite severe. Badgers are looking for either earthworms or grubs which live just below the lawn’s surface.

The most likely grubs are cockchafers and leatherjacket larvae.  The Royal Horticultural Society recommends improved lawn management and biological controls as there are no chemical controls for these species. If the amount of grubs in the lawn can be reduced, this should reduce the problem.

Severe lawn damage

If this is not effective, there are other options you can try. A combination of options may be the answer. You might want to try diversionary feeding (putting out peanuts or similar in an area you are not as concerned about) in order to divert the foraging effort or sonic deterrents available from garden or online stores. Other options include fencing (either temporary or permanent) of various types, but it is important to seek advice from badger experts in order that your fencing is effective, legal and safe.

For cheaper options try the following;

  • Leave garden furniture out in different places each night.
  • Try putting an upside – down bucket on the lawn at night with a cheap radio underneath set to Radio 1 or 2 at low volume (so as not to disturb the neighbours!) and move it around every night or two.
  • Sprinkling finely chopped red chilli peppers around may be effective if your lawn isn’t too large.
  • Spray human urine around the garden (this may need to be done a few times).
  • Tie (clean!) silver foil pie dishes or old CDs onto some string, and hang them from a longer piece stretched between two garden canes. Put several of these contraptions around the garden and move them every night or two. The movement and reflected light from the foil or discs can make a badger nervous so that it goes elsewhere. Childrens’ seaside windmills can also be used.
  • Allowing the grass to grow longer will make it more difficult for badgers to get at worms in cases of less severe damage.

Damage can be very costly and distressing, but it’s important to remember that it is likely to be only temporary and it’s best to seek advice early on from professionals like the ones at Https://  As every situation is different, sometimes a little trial and error is required to solve the problem.