Badgers on Roads

Sadly the only time most people have ever seen a badger is at the side of the road. These sightings can help us to help badgers by giving us an indication of where there might be setts. Badger Trust has launched a new campaign to Give Badgers A Brake, find out more about it and how you can get involved here

If you spot a dead badger on the road in Lancashire please report it to us using our RTC form.

PLEASE take care not to put yourself at any risk on the road. If the badger is in the road, please do not attempt to check it or move it. If you feel safe and comfortable doing so, it helps us to know if the badger might be a lactating sow, particularly in early Spring.

Take care to park in a way that does not make it difficult for other road users.

Injured Badgers

If you see an injured badger, in the first instance please contact the RSPCA emergency line (0300 1234 999) and the Police (101) to inform them as the road may need to be closed in order to safely collect the animal. This can be a very dangerous situation.

  • Do not approach the animal as it will be under stress, may bite or may flee the area and cause an accident. Wait and watch from a distance.
  • If you can safely warn other road users if there is an obstruction please do so, but do not put yourself at any risk.
  • If the badger moves away, watch where it goes. Do not try to stop it.
  • Try to stay close by so that you can inform rescuers of it’s location.

We also have an emergency line and can attend if the RSPCA are unable to, however our resources are limited as the group is run entirely by volunteers.

However, please call us on our Emergency line (available 24 hours) if you are concerned that you are unable to get help on 08448 707908.