Road Casualty

If you see an injured badger, in the first instance please contact the RSPCA emergency line (0300 1234 999) and the Police (101) to inform them as the road may need to be closed in order to safely collect the animal. This can be a very dangerous situation.

  • Do not approach the animal as it will be under stress, may bite or may flee the area and cause an accident. Wait and watch from a distance.
  • If you can safely warn other road users if there is an obstruction please do so, but do not put yourself at any risk.
  • If the badger moves away, watch where it goes. Do not try to stop it.
  • Try to stay close by so that you can inform rescuers of it’s location.


If you find a badger in a snare DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE IT.  Snares can do serious damage to skin tissue and if a badger does not receive treatment over a period of several days, it may die.

  • Please contact the RSPCA emergency line (0300 1234 999)
  • Cover the animal with a coat to keep it warm and calm.
  • Stay nearby so that you can help rescuers to find it.

Other Injuries or Concerns

If you find an injured badger in any other location please contact the RSPCA on the above number and try not to cause the animal alarm, but watch from a distance.

We also have an emergency line and can attend if the RSPCA are unable to, however our resources are limited as the group is run entirely by volunteers.

However, please call us on our Emergency line (available 24 hours) if you are concerned that you are unable to get help on 08448 707908. If you are unsure whether a badger is injured but you have found it out during the daytime or in an unusual location, do not hesitate to call for advice.