The Lancashire Badger Group is a registered charity which is dedicated to the conservation and protection of the Eurasian/European Badger (Meles meles), working in Lancashire to raise awareness and provide information and education. We are a group member of the Badger Trust. Here are some of the things we do:

  • Education

    We provide information and education about badgers to members of the public in the form of leaflets, and through our website and social media. We also provide talks to schools and community groups and run workshops and training events.

  • Hold records

    We keep a database of badger setts, which helps us protect badgers and their setts through regular monitoring and also provide information to planners and ecologists to inform development of potential impacts on badgers.

  • Partnership

    We work with a variety or other organisations and groups including Lancashire Constabulary and the RSPCA, providing expertise in order to support the prosecution of wildlife criminals. We also work with other charities and badger groups.

  • Campaigning

    Lancashire Badger Group campaigns on National issues such as the badger cull and badger persecution working with other groups, the national body representing badger groups (Badger Trust) and a huge number of conservation and animal welfare organisations throughout the UK.

  • Events and Fundraising

    We attend shows and events around the county and work to raise awareness of issues facing badgers and actively raise funds to help us carry out our work.

  • Practical work

    We survey, monitor and protect setts in a variety of ways. We carry out sett protection tasks in vulnerable areas and have a network of volunteers in the county supported by areas coordinators and a Sett Protection Officer. We also attend suspected persecution incidents and provide expert guidance to the police.

  • Badger Rescue

    We have trained volunteers able to respond to badgers in distress.

  • Badger Watches

    We also have a badger hide in the heart of the Lancashire countryside and take members of the public badger watching.

  • We publish a regular newsletter

    Keeping our members informed about our work, how they can get involved and issues affecting badgers in the county and across the UK.

Badger Trust
We are a group member of Badger Trust, the national voice for badgers, along with approximately 40 other similar groups throughout the country.

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