This area is just for the kids! We hope to add resources, games and fun things to do for you and your family, all related to badgers!

We’ve created a Kids Badger Activities Page to share some fun things to do with the kids on a rainy afternoon, like a wordsearch or easter egg painting.
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There are lots of badger groups around the country you and your family might be interested in joining, or who might be able to take you badger watching. For your nearest group look here.

Facts About Badgers

  • Badgers are nocturnal – that means they sleep during the day and come out at night!
  • A badger’s home is called a sett. The sett is an underground home made up of tunnels and cosy bed chambers.
  • Badgers are omnivorous – they will eat lots of different foods, but their favourite meal is earthworms!
  • Badger cubs are normally born in February,  usually between one and three. Cubs first explore outside in May after spending the first  few weeks underground.
  • The badger’s sense of smell is the most important of their senses. They don’t have very good eyesight!
  • An adult badger can be 65-80cm long and between 8-12kg in weight.

For more Facts About Badgers and a handy download go to our Badger Facts for Kids page.
More Badger Facts for Kids

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Badger Talks for Schools and Community Groups

We carry out talks and activities for schools and community groups.
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Interesting Badger Links!

Durham County Badger Group – have lots of resources for the Key Stages, and plenty of games too!

Activity Village – lots of fun crafts and activities to print out and do! – just facts about badgers!