20 Oct

The Rehabilitator's and Badger Enthusiast's Handbook

Lancashire Badger Group is delighted to announce our collaboration with a long term, experienced member of the Group - Andy Parr - to create a new handbook. &n... more
23 Jun

Heavens Above!

We recently received a call on our incident line from a woman in Rossendale who had found a badger cub curled up in a graveyard in broad daylight. Realising that something was wrong, she managed to get the badger into a dog-crate and take it home. We wouldn't recommend handling badgers without the proper equipment and training, but the badger was small and docile. Or so they thought... more

National Badger Day - 6th October

Support National Badger Day on 6th October more
28 Aug

Badger Trust condemns continued culling as “Completely irrational’

UK’s leading naturalists and broadcasters Chris Packham and Steve Backshall agree. The Badger Trust has condemned the government’s decision to continue with ... more
5 Aug

We're Past The Halfway Mark!

Lancashire Badger Group has embarked on a giant re-survey project of the setts we have on our database, well over 800 of them! As part of our 2017 Vision Plan, we ... more
14 Jul

Fight for foxes and badgers comes to Downing Street

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   14th July 2015   Fight for foxes and badgers comes to Downing Street     The Badger Trust and their ... more