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Make a Badger Pumpkin!

Here's a great badger pumpkin stencil from the Woodland trust! stencil_pumpkin_badger1 We made this little guy last year - give it a try! If you'd like to try some of their other spooky activities take a look here.

National Badger Day – 6th October

Support National Badger Day on 6th October

Cub Rescue!

It seems that whenever our Chair tries to have normal life events (birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc), or we have stretched resources (an event, a holidaying Incidents Officer) the badgers decide to throw in a curve ball. This particular curve ball was a sick badger cub, found by a lovely chap on his land who was concerned enough to find us and get in touch. We went out and the cub was so flat she barely reacted to being picked up, apart from a couple of gentle huffs. Given a bit of dog food she did, however, attempt to eat. A vet was swiftly identified who agreed to treat her and she was whisked down for an examination. At first it was thought ...