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Badger Trust Vaccination Project

Badger Trust want to support groups to vaccinate badgers across the country, preventing them from becoming infected with bovine Tb.

Badger Trust Symposium Booking Now Open!

Badger trust have transformed their annual event to be an affordable, jam-packed day of discussions and debate on a wide range of issues of importance to badger protection, ecology and welfare. It will take place at Ashorne Hill Conference Centre, Leamington Spa.  Your event pass will give you access to all talks on the day, refreshments and lunch.

Badger Trust condemns continued culling as “Completely irrational’

UK’s leading naturalists and broadcasters Chris Packham and Steve Backshall agree. The Badger Trust has condemned the government’s decision to continue with the pilot badger culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset as ‘completely irrational’. “These culls were sold to the public as an experiment to see if free-shooting badgers was humane and effective,” says the Badger Trust’s CEO, Dominic Dyer, “and on both counts they have comprehensively failed.” The government's Independent Expert Panel (IEP) and now the British Veterinary Association (BVA) have condemned free shooting as 'inhumane' .  There was a failure to achieve the ...

We’re Past The Halfway Mark!

Lancashire Badger Group has embarked on a giant re-survey project of the setts we have on our database, well over 800 of them! As part of our 2017 Vision Plan, we set ourselves the target of updating all our records (as well as increasing our sett monitoring volunteers) - over time we have lost volunteers in certain areas and have been unable to cover them all. We know how important it is to keep up to date records, held centrally for a number of reasons; 1. We can hold an accurate and current picture of badgers across the county, allowing us to comment on strategic plans (with regard to development and planning) and also from a more scientific ...

Badger Trust legal challenge over monitoring of badger cull to be heard by Court of Appeal

The Badger Trust will take its legal challenge over the lack of independent monitoring of the badger culls currently being undertaken in Somerset and Gloucestershire to the Court of Appeal on Thursday 9 October. The trust has been in an association with the gun source from the past decade to take their in helping them in dissuading poachers from pervading the area. This follows a hearing on 11 September where the Vice President of the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal agreed that the Badger Trust had a real prospect of success in its appeal. The Court of Appeal will be asked by the Badger Trust to find that the Secretary of State for the Environ...