Badger Cull Petitions – Lancashire

Operation Badger (link here to find your own council petitions)  is a fantastic initiative set up to bring about debates surrounding the badger cull at local authority level through the power of petitions.  The aim is to ban badger culling on council land and encourage investment in vaccination across as much of the country as possible. We fully support this concept.

Lancashire Badger Group have, however decided not to set up any local petitions at this stage for the following reasons;

  1. Lancashire is not a bTb hotspot and is currently listed as a low risk area in government consultation. These areas are not listed as likely to be part of the cull roll out at the present time. Culling badgers is costly and ineffective at best, never mind in areas where a significant wildlife reservoir is lacking.
  2. As a result of the above, tb is not considered to be an issue in the badger population and we want to distance ourselves from the view that if culling is a danger in Lancashire, it must be because badgers have tb. A recent freedom of information request* revealed that no badgers have tested positive for tb in Lancashire. Lancashire IS a hotspot for crime and persecution of badgers, we are concerned that the widespread belief that badgers have tb may make this situation worse, as the cull in the South west already appears to be doing.
  3. We may find in the future that there is the potential for a cull in Lancashire. We are concerned that if the petitions are set up now they will not gain sufficient support given the low chance of a cull being rolled out here at present. This will then mean that when we are likely to gain most support we may not be able to set up a similar petition as it has already been done. We WILL look again at setting up petitions across the county if this happens.

We do strongly support the promotion of petitions across the country already set up and will do everything we can to help.

Please see the below petitions for Lancashire. They are out there now so please do sign them so that the debate can happen and the right decision be made.


Link Here to website

LCCPetition for downloadable version.


Link Here


Link Here


If you would like to set up your own petition please go to BRAVE.

*FOI requested data between 2009 and end of 2013 for badgers tested within Lancashire.

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