Let us know about badgers and setts in your area

Please let us know if you have found a new badger sett, spotted a badger (alive or sadly dead) or any form of persecution.

In the event of a crime in progress please call the police on 999, or any other badger emergency call us on 08448707908. In all other non-emergencies please use the forms below. Please report recent or historical crime to the police first on 101 before reporting.

Badger Sighting
Record live and dead badger sightings here. In an emergency please contact our emergency line 08448 707908.
New Sett Record
Record your new sett records here.
Crime recording form
Record historical or recent badger crime. if a crime is in progress call 999 or 101 to report recent incidents to the police first. Use our incidents number to let us know – 08448 707908.
Sett Monitoring Records
Report follow up visits to a previously visited sett.