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Fight for foxes and badgers comes to Downing Street

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   14th July 2015   Fight for foxes and badgers comes to Downing Street     The Badger Trust and their organiser Emily Lawrence will be joining with other animal welfare organisations and campaigners to hold what is expected to be the largest ever wildlife protection protest held outside 10 Downing Street on Wednesday 15 July.   The protest will coincide with the debate and vote in the House of Commons on the amendment of the 2004 Hunting Act, which if passed will result in a serious weakening of the ban on fox hunting across England and Wales and could also lead to an increase ...

Cub Rescue!

It seems that whenever our Chair tries to have normal life events (birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc), or we have stretched resources (an event, a holidaying Incidents Officer) the badgers decide to throw in a curve ball. This particular curve ball was a sick badger cub, found by a lovely chap on his land who was concerned enough to find us and get in touch. We went out and the cub was so flat she barely reacted to being picked up, apart from a couple of gentle huffs. Given a bit of dog food she did, however, attempt to eat. A vet was swiftly identified who agreed to treat her and she was whisked down for an examination. At first it was thought ...

Our AGM is on 28th March!

This year’s AGM will be held on Saturday 28th March at Samlesbury War Memorial Hall, Cuerdale Road, Samlesbury, Preston, PR5 0UY from 5.30pm. Our speakers are Operation Meles lead and ex Scottish Wildlife Officer and Species Protection Officer, Ian Hutchison and PhD student Elsa Sandoval-Barron on her project on badgers with tb. For more information and to book your supper visit our AGM page.

Badger Trust legal challenge over monitoring of badger cull to be heard by Court of Appeal

The Badger Trust will take its legal challenge over the lack of independent monitoring of the badger culls currently being undertaken in Somerset and Gloucestershire to the Court of Appeal on Thursday 9 October. This follows a hearing on 11 September where the Vice President of the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal agreed that the Badger Trust had a real prospect of success in its appeal. The Court of Appeal will be asked by the Badger Trust to find that the Secretary of State for the Environment, Elizabeth Truss, has unlawfully failed to put in place an Independent Expert Panel to monitor and analyse the results of the continued culling of ...

Surviving the Baiters

This is the story of a beautiful Patterdale /Fell terrier, Ruby - who survived against the odds when she had the misfortune to fall into the hands of barbaric badger baiters.