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Surviving the Baiters

This is the story of a beautiful Patterdale /Fell terrier, Ruby - who survived against the odds when she had the misfortune to fall into the hands of barbaric badger baiters.

Government advisors support Badger Trust High Court legal challenge

The Badger Trust has been granted permission by a judge for a Judicial Review challenge in the High Court against the DEFRA Secretary of State Owen Paterson and Natural England. The test case focuses on the Government’s highly controversial badger cull policy.

Badger Easter Eggs Activity

We've had some fun this week making an unusual Easter Egg for nursery. We thought we'd share it so that we can start a new Easter trend!

Badger Cull Petitions – Lancashire

Operation Badger (link here to find your own council petitions) is a fantastic initiative set up to bring about debates surrounding the badger cull at local authority level through the power of petitions. The aim is to ban badger culling on council land and encourage investment in vaccination across as much of the country as possible.

Badger Rescue Amazon Wishlist

This year we bought two more rescue cages and handling equipment to go with the two we already have. That means that if needed, we can get to an injured badger faster! To go with the cages and handling equipment we need some extra items to help with each rescue, just in case! We need some of the following things; A pair of pliers – to rescue snared badgers. Cleansing wipes, hand sanitiser, gloves and first aid kits for volunteers. A water bowl. A hot water bottle  to keep a shocked animal warm. A warning triangle in case of an RTA A torch – because a rescue in the dark can be difficult! We’ve created an Amazon ...